Served by the Bell at Leeds New Gin Garden

Here at House of Coco we have an ongoing love affair with Leeds, it's one of our favourite cities in the world. [...]

Here at House of Coco we have an ongoing love affair with Leeds, it’s one of our favourite cities in the world. Mainly because it’s where our founder was born and bred but mostly because of all the cool and quirky places you can hangout. Re-opening with a with a ‘ping’, Tailors Speakeasy in Leeds’ Grand Arcade is  offering customers a refreshingly unique take on ordering drinks, introducing a ‘ring for gin’ table service both indoors, and outside in their new botanically infused gin garden and it’s a spot we cannot wait to hang out at.

Taking safe distancing in their stride, and re-working the venue to maintain the interactive atmosphere the bar is best known for, the Tailors team have really measured up when it comes to perfecting the balance of safety vs fun. 

Expanding outside of their speakeasy doors, the team have created a botanically inspired oasis, providing the perfect hideaway to catch up with family, friends and colleagues, and you needn’t waste a second of that precious time at the bar – just ring for service.

Owners Jamila Juma-Ware and Matthew Wignall commented: “We’re ecstatic to be back, the last few months has been frightening, and we don’t feel we’re out of danger yet, but we are doing everything we can to keep our business alive. 

“So we thought let’s do what we do best, and transport our guests into another world, a bolt-hole in the city  where you can hideaway for a couple of hours, spend quality time with friends, in a fun environment, whilst still remaining safe.”

The renowned top hats and costumes are available to buy for a nominal fee (no try-ons for now) and of course, no visit to Tailors would be complete without the perfect measure of the nation’s favourite tipple; some good old fashioned gin – of which there is plenty!

Guests are urged to reserve a table online: and follow on Facebook and Instagram @TailorsGin

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